Technical facility

Technical facility (El-, HVAC-, Telecom - room)
System components:

                      - Electricity meters -
EL                   Main meter installed by electricity supplier.
EL1, EL2        Submeter (heat pumps, lighting, HVAC)
                     - Water meters - 
KV                   Main cold water meter installed by water supplier
VV                   Warm water meter
VVT                 Warm water temperature sensor
CLM                Water meter - Volume and temperature – clamp-on
                     - Heat meters - 
VM                  Main district heating meter installed by energy supplier
VM1-2             Submeter – heat energy (geo/ventilation heat pump, sharing)
VMC               Heat energy meter - (CLM clamp-on)
                     - Temperature sensors - 
T                     Outdoor temperature sensor
                     - Presentation - 
WEB               Web pages – Facility Manager
REP                Analysis and periodic reports
                    - Infrastructure - 
IE                   Data collection unit
IE-HVAC        Integration with HVAC system
PS                  Power supply
IR                   Internet router alt. 3G/4G modem