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Who are we?
CompWell AB is a concern comprising CompWell Ltd, Great Britain (estb. 1999), CompWell AB, Sweden (estb 2000) and CompWell Sp. z o.o., Poland (estb. 2002) and currently employing 24 persons.
CompWell AB manages sale, installations and service while the CompWell Sp. z o.o. is responsible for hardware and software development, manufacturing, management of data collection system and reporting.
Initially the group focused on building automation for commercial buildings (lighting, HVAC, access control).
In 2004 Compwell AB installed the first system for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Burglar- and Smoke Alarm in a multi-tenant building.
We have installed and manage systems collecting daily more than 6,000,000 measurements from meters installed in more than 16,000 apartments. Many of the installations, in addition to AMR, include burglar, smoke and leakage alarms, systems for heating/charging cars, booking of communal facilities and access control.
Our customers are municipalities, private tenant building owners, tenant owned housing cooperatives, building construction companies, HVAC companies and system integrators.
All hardware system components (with exception of electric and mechanical water meters) and software based on Windows, .NET and Microsoft SQL Server are developed and manufactured by us.
We assist building consultants in designing systems. We install the parts using entirely our own personnel or in cooperation with electric and plumbing companies, integrate the components with the central database and monitor the data collection, calculations, report generation and presentation processes.

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