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Some people are wasteful, but everybody pays for it
– Let’s make a change!
Mrs Brooks loves to bathe and, together with her two teenage daughters, she uses on average 300 litres of hot water per day. Miss Prudence Parsons is an elderly lady who lives with her cat on the floor below. She finds that a few showers per week are quite adequate for maintaining her personal hygiene. Prudence’s hot water consumption averages 25 litres per day*.
Mr Forrest McLeod lives above the Brooks. He enjoys fresh air and feels it benefits his health to sleep with his bedroom window ajar. The problem is that he doesn’t bother turning down the radiator underneath the window. The fact that the radiator thermostat is completely open to compensate for the cold, is something he has not considered. The heating cost is not shown on his monthly rent slip and he only pays one 82nd share of the heating in his building. Others like Prudence and Mrs Brooks pay the rest.
Who is paying the right amount relative to their houselhold heat consumption? No one.
*At 65 kr per m³, Mrs Brook ought to pay 19.50Kr per day while Miss Parsons should be paying 1.63. Over a year the difference should be 6,532kr, but now they both pay 3,500kr per year based on their appartments bein the same size (75 m²).

 The Compwell Fair Share System

Fair conditions
An apartment block is a miniature community in which people have differing needs and preferences.
Fair Share takes into account how people work, think, react and how different parts of a building can provide different living conditions.

A complete system
CompWell Fair Share is a complete system in which fairness has been taken into consideration. The system does not only give a numerical measure of consumption, it also provides a complete tool for its control and optimisation.

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