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CompWell has been acquired by Ngenic

Compwell is now a part of Ngenic - a company that creates digital energy solutions for property owners, consumers and energy companies.

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Some people are wasteful, but everybody pays for it
– Let’s make a change!

The Brooks are a young family with three kids. They love to take baths and on average they consume 300 liters of hot water per day. Their neighbour Martha, a frugal retiree, prefers short showers once or twice a week and consumes on average 25 liters of hot water per day.

Michael, a college student, lives across the hall. He loves fresh air and sleeps with an open window. Unfortunately Michael doesn't bother to turn down the radiators in his bedroom, and he hasn't considered the fact that his radiator valves remain completely open to compensate for the cold air coming in through the window.

Each of these neighbours pays for a share of the heating cost based on the size of their apartment, not on their actual energy consumption. For this reason, the real cost isn't reflected in the monthly invoice.

Is anyone paying a correct fee in relation to their consumption? Not even close!

At 0.065 SEK per liter, the Brooks family should be paying 19.50 SEK per day while Martha should be paying 1.63 SEK day. The difference in fee per year would be 6,523 SEK if both of them paid for their actual consumption! Not to mention Michael, he would be paying even more!

 The Compwell Fair Share System

Fair conditions
An apartment block is a miniature community in which people have differing needs and preferences.
Fair Share takes into account how people work, think, react and how different parts of a building can provide different living conditions.

A complete system
CompWell Fair Share is a complete system in which fairness has been taken into consideration. The system does not only give a numerical measure of consumption, it also provides a complete tool for its control and optimisation.

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